Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I am really good at seeing "stones". During the past year, I have learned to observe and appreciate the little things. What I am not good at is recording them anywhere other than in my wee widdly head, especially on this blog. Today is the last day of the January challenge and I have managed to do how many posts? What's that you say...only one? FAIL! Guilty as charged. But that post did have a whole week's worth. Here are a few I remember from the past, ummm, FOUR weeks. (blogger hides face in shame)

Two pigeons dive for the same crumb. Peck, peck, poke. One hobbles away, then the other. I examine the morsel still on the pavement. A cigarette bud. I guess pigeons don't smoke.   (yeah, I am also a failed comedian...lol...but that is exactly the stupid joke that came to mind at that moment)

 Delicate lacy bonnets~hoar frost on the rosehips.

Morning surprise~ a white heart center in the kiwi halves.

Cuddling~ only the sound of his beating heart breaks the silence.

Okay...I feel better now that I posted a few. Now it is time for bed.


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