Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Whole Week

The first week of January has flown by. After posting my New Year's stone, I have neglected to share them since. So, I will have to list them all together and kill two birds with one stone--or is that one week with 7 stones? Whatever. Here they are.

Monday, January 2

She wraps one arm over my waist, leans her head against by shoulder. The fragrance of her freshly washed hair is pretty flowers and innocence, a reminder that underneath all that teenager my sweet little girl still exists.

Tuesday, January 3

While others ridicule him, I blame his friends and friends. They should have told him he can't sing. 

Wednesday, January 4

No stone today. I suddenly remember what it is like to be young. I'm a kid who just failed a test.

Thursday, January 5

Sudden storm. Feet encased in cold, wet socks trudge on through puddles of melting sleet. These black, studded boots aren't waterproof.

Friday, January 6

Sitting across from you I see every sign of age, every flaw, and don't give a damn. My heart is yours eternally.  

Saturday, January 7

Skin on skin. 
Blooming like a rose 
wet with morning dew.

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