Friday, January 14, 2011

River of Stones - Day 13

The picture in nature's frame transformed last night.
Land is no longer hidden under pristine layers of white.
Continuous heavy rain pulled back winter's snowy veil of flakes
leaving farmer's fields decorated with temporary lakes
and roads awash with massive puddles. The town is full
of workers, policeman evacuating children from school,
firemen trying to control the flooding. People desperately try
to reach their destination, come to a halt and sigh--


MJDills said...

Linda, I love it. Jodi

Anonymous said...

I love it too, particularly the structure you have going. I like the rhyme which sounds natural and love the long lines which suits the reading of the piece.

Linda H. said...

Thanks to both my Margos :-)

Even though it is a serious subject I purposely used rhyme and then the abrupt stop because that is what it was like. We were driving along, everything ok, and then the fireman and water and then STOP. Turn around and go home.

S.E.Ingraham said...

wow - I thought we were having extreme weather but I guess we'll be okay as long as it doesn't melt! Nicely done poem Linda ...

Linda H. said...

Thank you, Sharon. I hope to post a photo later (though the only ones I was able to take don't show much of the actual flood, just giant leftover puddles.)