Saturday, January 22, 2011

River of Stones - Day 20

A little boy wearing a pink tutu.
The chatter begins.


S.E.Ingraham said...

I had all but forgotten the furor that this raised Linda - how silly some things can be - how out-of-proportion the reaction to the most innocuous of events ... I believe the other parents were way out-of-line here but if I remember this correctly, the mother herself went a little nuts fanning the flames when really, she could have let the kid dress any way he wanted - told the others to mind their own business and maybe tried to calm things down - at least that's how I seem to remember it ... I know she had a right to be angry but it seemed to me she was aggravating an already badly deteriorating situation and that in the end, it would be her child who would pay the price. Wow - where did that diatribe come from? Forgive me - I seemed to need to rant and you got today's load ...

Linda H. said...

Sharon, we hadn't heard anything about it here in Germany, but my friend sent me a local paper and an article about it was in it. I used it for a class discussion last week and we had a great debate.

And no need to apologize...I love when you rant (probably only because I usually agree with you;if it were the other way around...)