Monday, January 31, 2011

River of Stones - Day 31

January comes to a close with frost-covered fields and gardens.
Bleached skies and clouded breath suggest winter is here to stay,
but growing on a bush like a faint whisper of hope
the woolly pussy willows tell me spring is on the way.


thecatalanway said...

Hi Linda I popped by your site to say hello. A beautiful photo of pussy willow. How lovely it is to stroke them at this cold time of year.
And I love the photo of the pylon - as a child I liked their shapes striding across the land, as you say, like giant dolls. Of course then I didn't understand the price we pay for all this electricity.
thanks for dropping by my site

neva gagliano said...

it'll be quite awhile before these pop out in michigan...just listened to the big blizzard all night long here in michigan! but the sun shines today...

Judy Roney said...

How beautiful, Linda. I'm glad you included a photo even though I could see them through your words. There is always hope. Bravo!

Linda H. said...

Thanks for popping by, Kate. I hope to continue posting stones here (not every day but every once in a while).

Hello, Neva! Thanks for commenting. I hope you are keeping warm in Michigan. It seems like everyone is experiencing terrible weather.

Hi Judy! It's nice to "see you" here.