Sunday, July 24, 2011

Animals, animals, animals. (18-22)

This photo by Katarina Hofke.

As the cat relaxes on the sun-warmed macadam, slivers of shadows from the wrought iron gate paint new stripes across her fur.

With the blue lighting, the bat's wings look thin and crumpled like pieces of burnt paper.

As all the horses continue to graze, the curious foal trots over to greet me, and I become the "stone". 

Walking along the wooded path, I brush up against a tiny branch. On it a snail, attached to the backside of a leaf, begins to uncoil from its shell, its antennae moving back and forth as if waving "hello".

            Sometimes life is a rocky road, whether you are man, mouse or beetle.
                                                      Just keep going.

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