Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stones in a Row

The River of Stones is flowing and is already at its halfway point. Many people are participating and the most recently posted stones can be found here.  I am a bit behind with posting, so here are my "stones" from the past few days.

Day 11

The afternoon sun shines down on the playground. As the temperature rises, all little pirates abandon ship.

Day 12

A cluster of orange berries dangle from the tree, each one the taste of poison to human lips but to another the sweet bounty of summer--God's way of providing balance

Day 13

Light shining on the farmer's field reminds me of the lines "amber waves of grain" and I think about home.

Day 14

Seeds attached to white fluffy parachutes--
I want to blow as hard as I can
and make a hundred wishes.

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Anonymous said...

These are lovely, Linda! I particularly love the last one. And as someone who's only lived on the east or west coast, I always wondered what "amber waves of grain" looked like. Now I know. :)