Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 15 and 16

To Infinity ...and beyond!
Honey bees and bumble bees busily gather nectar, flying from one big blue sphere to the next like astronauts visiting a string of planets. One zooms right past my ear. Buzzzzzz! Flower globes, astronauts, somehow makes me think of Buzz Lightyear. Imagine all those humming insects hollering, "To infinity...and beyond!"

July 16

Ivy twists around the tree, covering it so well that one can barely see the bark. 
Four feet off the ground a snail holds on tight as it sleeps in its
 spiral-shaped shell.


Anonymous said...

Those flowers really do look like tiny planets. What kind are they? This one made me smile. And I can totally relate to ivy and snails in my garden. :)

Linda H. said...

Cara, unfortunately I am a complete dummy when it comes to flower names. These are at the garden next to our local oil mill (no longer functioning, just historical site now). They have a beautiful garden full of sunflowers, poppies, nasturnium, etc. and these wonderful blue "globes". Last night there were about 50 bees, various kinds, busy at work. I could have watched them for hours.